Planning During The Covid-19 Shutdown


    During the course of the Covid-19 shutdown, people have advised that they are looking forward to addressing their planning needs when things return to normal.  The unfortunate fact is that nobody knows when things will return to normal or what the new normal will look like, the current shutdown is, in fact, an optimal time to address planning needs.

    There will be few if any environments that will provide a better opportunity for people to be appropriately thoughtful and deliberative.  Good planning, to provide for loved ones upon death or to protect assets against such things as nursing home costs, requires time, introspection and expert guidance.

    Good planning also requires context.  People have to think concretely about unfortunate things that may happen to them, such as disability and death, and be willing to directly address how their affairs should be handled whenever such things happen.  In fact, many people avoid planning because they refuse to think about such things.  During the shutdown, such thoughts are virtually unavoidable.

    For those who choose to use this time to plan and address their estate and asset protections needs, John J. Ross is available to work with and guide people through this important process.