Over the course of the last twenty-six years, John J. Ross and his staff have successfully represented clients in the Medicaid application process through an approach that emphasizes precision, clarity and respect. All too frequently, individuals applying for Medicaid and some professionals who represent individuals in the Medicaid application process, view and treat the process as adversarial.

     Mr. Ross and his staff understand the strict guidelines that Medicaid caseworkers are required to follow and are skilled in assisting clients in assembling the required information and in presenting the required information to caseworkers with precision, clarity and respect. In short, Mr. Ross and his staff treat the Medicaid application process as a joint project between his office, his client and the caseworker. The feedback that Mr. Ross receives from Medicaid caseworkers and the overwhelming success rate that he has achieved, reflect that Medicaid caseworkers appreciate his approach.

     Mr. Ross is assisted by a paralegal who has worked with him and his clients for more than sixteen years and who has helped process numerous successful Medicaid applications.